Vibration and noise reduction

Vibration and noise reduction has become a special concern in the transformer industry and other supporting industrial chains. Read about the main causes.

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In recent years, with the continuous expansion of power network transformation and urban construction, it is becoming increasingly common for small and medium-sized transformers to be installed in residential or commercial areas and other application scenarios, which brings with it transformer noise pollution to nearby residents and affects their lives in the process. Therefore, vibration and noise reduction has become a special concern in the transformer industry and other supporting industrial chains.

According to researches, transformers’ noise is mainly caused by the vibration of transformers and its cooling device, with strength associated with transformer capacity, silicon steel sheet materials, core structure, magnetic flux density, and vibration performance of cooling device.

In fact, the vibration of transformers is mainly caused by core vibration which is caused by the following two factors:

­The first is the core vibration occurring due to the magnetostriction of silicon steel sheet;

­The second is the longitudinal traction force caused by distortion of magnetic line of force at the joint of the iron core and the side thrust caused by uneven magnetic flux distribution in iron core between silicon steel sheets.

In view of the above mentioned two main factors of influence, PTTX has concentrated its efforts on optimizing the processing performance of silicon steel sheet material and the assembly process of iron core, thus providing guidance and making explorations for the technological transformation and environmental protection production in transformer core industry.


1. Internal stress and magnetostriction reduction of silicon steel sheets by automatic and serialized production

PTTX’s cores are made of high-quality cold rolled grain-oriented silicon steel sheets insulated by mineral oxide. In the actual application of the silicon steel sheet, the substantial care is always paid involving the influences of the magnetostriction and magnetic conductivity on the finished core products. Therefore, special measures are taken to weaken the influence of processing on the silicon steel sheet concerning stress characteristics, end flatness, and thickness uniformity.

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