Core cutting innovations

First company to design / install anthropomorphic robots for the automatic core stacking and devices for the fast replacement of the lamination on the decoiler

byWritten by L.A.E


L.A.E. keeps on leading the core cutting lines innovation

L.A.E., Lughese Attrezzature per l’Elettromeccanica, has been leading the core cutting lines innovation for years, being the first company to design and install anthropomorphic robots for the automatic core stacking and devices for the fast replacement of the lamination on the decoiler (FRS). The Italian company has always been devoted to innovation, while keeping the connection to tradition and craftsmanship, since that is a part of its history. Since its establishment in 1978, L.A.E. has witnessed several developments of all the product lines in its portfolio: winding machines for transformers, including machines for foil, wires, flat wires and insulation strips; cutting lines for core magnetic laminations with Step-Lap technology, fin folding lines for the corrugated panels of the transformers tanks. The R&D department is fully integrated within the company; with the customer-oriented approach being the focus and the guide of the research. Solutions suggested by L.A.E. meet the transformers manufacturers’ requirements because the solutions’ development arises precisely from manufacturers’ needs for performance, space, and productivity, thus ensuring a safer and faster return on investment. The major innovation regarding the core cutting lines consists of the anthropomorphic robots for the automatic core stacking. L.A.E. already has tens of installed lines featuring this system and the results, in terms of productivity, are without precedent.


Robot Stacker

The robot stacker has now been operating for years as part of the L.A.E.’s core cutting lines model TO 25 AGILE. This core cutting line model has been designed and produced for the manufacturing of grain-oriented laminations of maximum 250 mm width, and it supports the assembly of distribution transformers cores featuring the Step-Lap technology. This machine is suitable for the production of transformer cores of various design ranging from 50 to 2500 kVA. L.A.E. offers the possibility to install the robot stacker on this machine, covering a wider production range, and the assembly of 1500 mm length cores (measured from tip to tip). Moreover, this automatic stacker can manage flat yokes, closed cores, E-cores or separate logs. The advantage is clearly in the full coverage of the whole range of cores that the operator might need to assemble, offering the highest flexibility with a single, totally automatic, device. In addition, also with this machine, the stacker offers unprecedented productivity.

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