Aligning Hitachi ABB Power Grids transformers with United Nations Sustainability Development Goals

The UN Sustainability Development Goals were established in 2015 with clearly defined targets set for 2030, with the goal to solve the biggest challenges.

byNamita Asnani, Miguel Oliva

Aligning Hitachi ABB Power Grids transformers with United Nations Sustainability Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainability development goals (UN SDGs) were established in 2015 with the objective of solving the world’s most pressing challenges, having clearly defined targets set for 2030. Unlike some of the previous international charters, the founding principles of UN SDGs recognised that achieving the goals requires active contribution from, not only Governments and civil society, but also Corporates, in turn providing them a way to add purpose to their business.

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Today, it is recognised that, while most economic activities positively contribute to some UN SDGs, they can also have negative impact on some other SDGs. For example, activities that contribute to providing essential goods and services for an enhanced quality of life may also be causing environmental damage and unsustainable resource usage. Our endeavour is to understand the impacts across our business value chain, enabling us to align our actions to enhance our positive contributions, while mitigating the negative impacts.

The energy sector is contributing significantly to the future success of achieving the UN SDGs, but also grappling with the challenges of scaling access to clean energy for a growing population and decarbonizing the global energy supply [1]. An energy transition is ongoing to support this. Renewables and energy efficiency are two pillars of this shift with important enablers such as digitalization.

We at Hitachi ABB Power Grids are conscious about the role of transformers and are looking to integrate the SDGs into our business

Transformers – key components of electrical grids

Increasing electrification of the world’s energy supply implies that electrical equipment such as transformers will remain integral to the future of sustainable energy. We, at Hitachi ABB Power Grids, are conscious of the important role of transformers and are integrating the SDGs into our business for the benefit of our customers, partners, and society. This requires a deep oversight of our value chain, starting from our suppliers, operations, and the entire lifecycle of our products.

We have been pioneering transformers, enabling the development of the grid as we know it today, e.g., allowing efficient ultra-high-voltage transmission and also distribution of electricity to the remotest parts of the world. Our transformers operate reliably in the harshest of conditions, from the Arctic region to deserts, in remote offshore windfarms, under the sea, and inside buildings, with electricity reaching millions of people.

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