Axciss Group, the French company that is shaking up the electromechanical equipment sector

Axciss Group, the French company that is shaking up the electromechanical equipment sector

Vol. 8 issue 4

From its French bases, Axciss Group and its main subsidiary Drekan have established themselves as benchmarks in the fields of the design, manufacture and maintenance of energy conversion equipment. The Group is now strengthening its capacities in the manufacture of transformers with the acquisition of VRT power, as well as in R&D, to offer ground-breaking solutions in the field of renewable energies as with its H2-Powerlab project.

In the face of the climate emergency, the world has no choice but to close – as quickly as possible – the sequence of fossil fuels. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the year 2020 confirmed the rapid transformation of the global energy mix with a 45 % increase in the installed renewable energy capacities, or 280 GW more than in 2019. Despite the still heavy use of coal, the IEA plans to maintain this rate of 270 GW over the next few years thanks to the deployment of massive investment programs in the wind, photovoltaic and energy sectors all over the world. This rapid transformation of the energy mix will open up new business opportunities for energy specialists.

In France, this is the conviction of Axciss Group, a specialist in the engineering, manufacture and maintenance of electro- mechanical equipment, which has built its development strategy by combining a mastery of industrial know-how and the development of innovative technologies.


Industrial know-how, innovative technologies

The first brick of this model is the Beautor plant located in Aisne, a region with an industrial tradition located 150 km north of Paris. There, Axciss has already set up its subsidiary Drekan, specialising in the design, manufacture and maintenance of electromechanical equipment. Employing 130 people and generating €18 million in turnover at its 10 sites, Drekan is today one of the leading European specialists in energy conversion equipment.

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