Books on power transformers in German – Part I

Books on power transformers in German – Part I


P. Ramachandran has been compiling a bibliography of transformer books in various languages for over half a century, referring to the transformer books in his home library. In 2020, he invited Vitaly Gurin to clarify and supplement the list of books on power transformers in German. The latter significantly expanded the initial version of the bibliography manually referring to the relevant websites [1-10].

German literature on power transformers is covered from 1888 (first book on transformers published anywhere), up to most recent publications issued in 2019

Books in the bibliography are grouped in the chronological order by year. The start date of the bibliography is 1888 (the first book on transformers published anywhere, just three years after patenting transformers), covering the period up to 2019.

For each year, books are listed in alphabetical order by the name of the first author. The full names of the authors or their abbreviations, as well as the location of the name (before or after the last name) in the bibliography, are indicated as on the cover or on the title page of the book. In those cases when the photo or scan of the book was not available, the names of the authors were taken from the available bibliographic cards of the books and placed in front of the surname.

The description of the book is given in this order: author, the title of the book, edition number, the name of the publisher, the city where the book was published, number of pages, and the year.

If the book has been published only once, the edition number is not indicated. When a book has been published repeatedly and the names of the publisher, city, and / or the number of pages coincide, the latter are not indicated. In those cases when, unfortunately, not all editions were found, only the found editions are indicated.

The book titles are indicated in italics in the original language (German). In the parentheses is the the book title in English. All other data is also translated into English.

A few of the most important books are provided with brief authors’ comments (framed).


Vol. 7 Issue 4