Books on power transformers in German – Part II

Books on power transformers in German – Part II

Vol. 8 issue 1

A bibliography 1920 – 1951


W. Demuth et al., Die Materialprüfung der Isolierstoffe der Elektrotechnik (The testing of electrical engineering insulation materials), Springer, Berlin, Pages IX+149, 1920


F. Kotschi, Der Transformator bei tiefen Temperaturen, Arbeit zur Erlangung der Würde eines Doktoringenieurs (The transformer at low ambient temperatures, thesis for doctoral degree), self-publishing, Pages 68, 1920 [26, 27]


H. Kyser, Die elektrische Kraftubertragung, Band 1, Die Motoren, Umformer und Transformatoren (The electric power transmission, Volume 1, The motors, converters and transformers), Springer, Berlin, Pages 416, 1920; Ed. 2.0, Pages 548, 1923; Ed. 3.0, Pages 544, 1930


F. Raskop, Der Katechismus für die Ankerwickelei (The Catechism for anchor winding), Meusser, Berlin, Pages VIII+145, 1920; Ed. 2.0, 1922; Ed. 3.0, 1929; Ed. 4.0, M. Krayn, Berlin, Pages 224, 1933; Ed. 5.0, Pages VII+241, 1937; Ed. 6.0, Pages XII+287, 1941; Ed. 8.0, De Gruyter, Berlin, Pages XII+299, 1944; Ed. 10.0, Pages XI+416, 1951 and Reprint 2019; Ed. 11.0, Pages 472, 1953; Ed. 12.0, Pages 516, 1957; Ed. 13.0, Pages 616, 1964; Ed. 14.0, 1967 and Reprint 2019; Ed. 15.0, Pages 503, 1976 [28, 29]

This book has survived 15 editions and a few reprints. At first it was a guide for manufacturing windings for electrical machines and transformers. Then the book was repeatedly expanded in the direction of increasing the volume of repairs, adding faults, testing, and monitoring. At the same time, the title of the book was changed, and its coverage naturally expanded. In the bibliography, we have combined all available publications under the popular short historical name The Catechism for anchor winding. Other books by the author are indicated in the bibliography for 1929, 1938 and 1948.



Milan Vidmar, Die Transformatoren (The transformers), Springer, Berlin, Pages 702, 1921; Ed. 2.0, Pages 751,1925; Ed. 3.0, Birkhäuser, Basel, Pages 630, 1956

In this book, a famous engineer, scientist and chess player, Prof. Milan Widmar (1885–1962), outlines the basics of designing and constructing power transformers. The fundamental principles presented in it remain valid even today, despite the development of the theory, great progress in the properties of materials, technology, growth in ultimate power and voltage classes, and automation of the design process. The book has withstood many editions and has been translated into many languages. Other books by the author are indicated in the bibliography for 1927, 1928, 1935, 1940 and 1945.



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