Books on power transformers in Russian – A bibliography 1969 – 2017

Books on power transformers in Russian – A bibliography 1969 – 2017

Vol. 8 issue 4


  1. B. Vasyutinskij, The theory and calculation issues of transformers (Вопросы теории и расчета трансформаторов), LO Energy, Leningrad, 432 pages, 1970


The theory of multi-winding transformers and autotransformers, calculation of reactance of transformer windings and complex transformer circuits and losses in them, electrodynamic forces, and thermal characteristics of transformers are presented. The author is a representative of the Leningrad school of transformer specialists, forced to move to India.

For other books by the author, see 1960, 1976.


By 1970s, transformer technology reached the mature stage in Russia, which is evident from the literature topics



  1. I. Khudyakov, Design and repair of transformers (Устройство и ремонт трансформаторов), Higher School, Moscow, 240 pages, 1971



  1. V. Leites, A. M. Pintsov, Equivalent circuits for multi-winding transformers (Схемы замещения многообмоточных трансформаторов), Energy, Moscow, 192 pages, 1974


Synthesis, analysis, and transformation of varieties of equivalent circuits that do not contain mutual inductances, considering and without considering the magnetizing current. Particularly considered are circuits whose elements correspond to certain areas of the structure and the magnetic field of the transformer. Examples are given – Yuri Shafir.

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