Consistent transformer transport monitoring – detect damage early and act

Consistent transformer transport monitoring – detect damage early and act

Vol. 8 issue 2

The black box in the logistics chain In the course of the “Industry 4.0 movement”, traceability is particularly important. This means to always know where a product can be found, through which production station it is currently passing, and whether all quality features are present. The traceability is not possible on the transport route at this depth. Even if every step, no matter how small, can be traced in your own factory, complete traceability does not end at the factory gate but at the final place where the product is used. But until then, there is a long way.

When a product leaves the factory, it usually also leaves the area that the manufacturer can understand, as many companies are dependent on third-party providers for logistics. It can no longer be traced what condition the product currently has. Transport becomes a black box. However, since innumerable dangers lurk on the way to the final destination, this can have fatal consequences. Not only impacts due to potholes or careless loading processes can damage the quality of a product, changes in external conditions such as a drop in air pressure, rapid temperature changes or fluctuations in humidity can lead to irreparable damage to the transformer.


Ask yourself the questions: Where are my transported goods? Which loads are acting on the goods, and what conditions have goods been exposed to? MONILOG® provides the answers.


If the quality of the product suffers during transport, in the worst-case scenario, production downtimes and customer complaints can arise. In these cases, the manufacturer has to expect expensive repair costs, delivery delays, or even damage to its reputation. The black box thus harms the manufacturer and the customer. In order to avoid the risks resulting from incomplete traceability, it is necessary to open the black box or close the gap in traceability. That means that it is required to start monitoring the transport as well.