CWIEME Transformer Day – Post-event impressions

CWIEME Transformer Day – Post-event impressions

Vol. 8 issue 4

CWIEME Transformer Day is a specialized digital event focusing on the transformers and components of trans formers, held every year, in addition to the “in-person” CWIEME events. This year’s digital event, held on 22 June 2021, focused on a wide range of topics from the global transformers market and the growth drivers to the use of Wide Band Gap (WGB) semiconductors in the industry and innovations in the transformers space. Event Agenda consisted of three online sessions in a webinar format:


Session 1: Market Report: Transformer market and component developments

Session 2: Influence of new semiconductor technologies in power electronics on the materials of inductive components

Session 3: Innovation & challenges in the utility transformers space


Driven by various regional and technological factors, such as an increase in electric vehicles, there will be an immense potential for growth of the transformer market


Session 1: Global transformers market analysis

Saqib Saeed, Executive Director Research & Consulting at Power Technology Research presented an exclusive report on Global transformer market overview which discussed market size, recovery possibilities, market drivers followed by a discussion on region wise market drivers in the transformer industry including the impact of electric vehicles on the grid.


New Wide Band Gap (WBG) semiconductors like GaN and SIC are increasingly used in industrial power electronic applications