EconiQTM: Transformers with a purpose

EconiQTM: Transformers with a purpose

Vol. 9 Issue 1

Co-creating for a sustainable energy future


Quality of life and a sustainable energy future for all

Scientists believe that impacts on the Earth’s ecosystems caused by anthropogenic activities have existed since times immemorial, and for centuries they were balanced out by the planet’s capability to rejuvenate its ecosystems. However, with the advent of the industrial revolution in the 1800s, these impacts rose exponentially, triggering a loss of balance in several of the Earth’s self-healing processes.

Today scientists are convinced that this has contributed to despoiling the planet’s ecosystems, reducing the quality of life for many. With rising carbon emissions in the Earth’s atmosphere, the resulting climate impacts could allegedly create an existential threat to humanity [1][2].

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Ambitious pathways to reach net-zero carbon emissions require concurrent transition to clean energy. Electrification will play a key role with electricity to account for almost 50 % of total energy consumption in 2050. This will require investment in infrastructure with the deployment of clean and efficient energy technologies, such as renewables, energy storage, and new solutions like hydrogen [3]. As electricity becomes the backbone of the entire energy system, transformer technologies will contribute to the journey, supporting the sustainability efforts of the industry.

The main purpose of transformers is to enable efficient and safe generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption of electrical energy by adapting voltage levels.

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