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Looking at plans at the beginning of the year, one feels as if one is starting a massive job from scratch.

Dear readers,

Looking at plans at the beginning of the year, one feels as if one is starting a massive job from scratch. However, we are constantly building on what we have done so far. Therefore, our editorial calendar for this year is primarily determined by what we did last year, especially the special issues on sustainability and digitalization. Work is already underway on some of the content.

Also, the annual research we have recently conducted and the results of which we are currently processing are an excellent foundation for some joint projects this year. One of the things we wanted to investigate with this research, and which is appropriate here to highlight, is the importance of education. Specifically, we examined the priorities for the success of sustainability initiatives. Among the categories: Decarbonization, Circular economy, Saving resources, Protecting ecosystems, Enhancing operational health and safety, Increasing efficiency, Digitalization, and Education, education is at the top of the list of priorities. I would personally place education at the top; however, I was a bit surprised, but of course pleasantly, that this is also the view of our wider community.

Education’s priority position further confirms the importance and role of our educational platforms: Industry Navigator conference, Transformers Magazine, Transformers Academy, and Transformers Forum. I can say with assurance that these platforms are unbiased, transparent, open to everyone on equal terms, and are in the service of excellence, information exchange, and overall prosperity of our industrial community. When it comes to education, we always ensure that it is top-notch (prepared in collaboration with top experts) yet accessible, especially in developing countries. We are aware, and we want to remind others about the fact that almost a billion people still do not have access to electricity. As education is key to the success of other initiatives, it is also key to ensuring the availability of electricity to the entire human population.

However, we can only achieve these ‘higher’ goals through collaboration with partners who share the same values. I am incredibly proud of the numerous projects we work on with these partners. The content we bring in this issue is precisely the result of such projects. As this is a regular magazine issue, it covers all topics from our domain. However, we wanted to ensure the presence of articles on ‘Transformer life management’ since it is the featured topic of this edition. Therefore, we present the following articles on this subject: We are with you over the entire transformer life cycle – COMEM, TESSA® FLEETSCAN 2D: Your fleet at a glance – MR, DGA: Early fault indication and trend analysis – Juergen Schuebel and Alexander Alber, and Online moisture management – Rajeev Shevgaonkar.

I would like to emphasise three exciting interviews that we are bringing: Andrew Collier from Hitachi Energy, titled ‘Time to get real about digital,’ then Murat Yurekten, Chairman and CEO at ENPAY, where we are presenting an incredible story of building a global manufacturing company from a small local agency business, and Jan Prins, MD at Ganz, a company where the tale of transformers began in 1885.

Our regular columnists and technical article authors are also here: Marius Grisaru, P. Ramachandran, Vitaly Gurin, Bhaba Das, and Woo Hyun Park, whose articles are regularly requested and read.

Finally, I wish you all great success in 2023.

Enjoy your reading.

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