ENERGO-COMPLEX – comprehensive solutions for transformers

Providing services in the field of on-site repairs and modernization of transformers, as well as comprehensive diagnostics and the technical conditions assessment.


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1.       Introduction

ENERGO-COMPLEX is a Polish family company operating in the power industry since 1998. Since 2012, the ENERGO-COMPLEX group has also included the Energy Research and Development Center (OBRE), whose activity is related to expert services and a modern insulation oil testing laboratory. The company has many years of experience in the implementation of works related to the service and diagnostics of transformers in Poland, as well as in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.


The ENERGO-COMPLEX company performs renovation and modernization works of transformers on-site


The article presents four basic pillars of the ENERGO-COMPLEX group’s activities. A range of services is presented, related to extending the lifetime of transformers. This includes service, repairs, and modernization at the installation site, as well as services related to the regeneration and treatment of insulating oil. The company’s capabilities in the field of diagnostics and assessment of the technical condition of transformers are also characterized. Furthermore, a range of specialist services offered by OBRE is presented, the capabilities of the oil laboratory in particular. The transformer management system – TrafoGrade – developed by ENERGO-COMPLEX, is also briefly described.


2.       Extending the lifetime of a transformer on site

A large number of transformers in operation has already exceeded the technical lifetime assumed by the constructor. However, in most cases, the actual technical condition of the active part of these units is very good. By performing renovation and modernization procedures, it is possible to extend the time of their safe operation without incurring much higher costs related to the need to purchase a new unit.


The main motto of the company is: “Transformers – comprehensive solutions”


The first stage of such operation is performing a full diagnostic of the unit and assessing the cost-effectiveness of planned renovation or modernization. Depending on the current technical condition of the unit, it is possible to carry out the following works: revision of the active part, replacement of equipment including bushings, replacement or repair of the cooling system, renewal of paint coatings, sealing and liquidation of leaks. In addition, it is possible to carry out service (major overhaul) or replacement of the on-load tap-changer (OLTC) on-site.

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