Forewords and guest editors

Forewords and guest editors

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The expansion of renewable power generation capacity will drive the growth prospects for the global dry-type transformers in the forthcoming years. Some of the major contributing factors for the increasing adoption of renewable sources of energy like wind and solar energy are stringent carbon emission goals and the need to reduce the dependency on depleting fossil resources.

Discussions on transformer digitalization often focus on advantages delivered while a system is up and running. But digitalization and artificial intelligence can be applied long before equipment becomes operational: in specification, design, manufacture and configuration.

Transformer digitalization combined with artificial intelligence supports the creation of simulation models and the identification of trends. The results of simulation are no longer stranded in closed environments but can easily be shared for other uses throughout the device’s lifecycle.

I trust this special edition will provide fresh insights into the rapidly evolving world of dry-type transformers.

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Yash Thaker

Special Edition - Dry-type Transformers

Dry-type transformers are environmentally friendly, robust, and highly efficient. This type of transformer is mostly used where electricity needs to be transformed from the medium-voltage level down to low-voltage, or to another grid voltage. Transformers intended for this function are generally installed close to electrical loads and therefore almost invariably in close proximity to residential areas. Therefore, they must be particularly safe and highly reliable in operation.

Dry-type transformers show excellent electrical, mechanical, and thermal characteristics, and with epoxy resin insulation, they are especially eco-friendly and fire-resistant.

Some of the advantages of dry-type transformers are:

  • easy installation
  • pollution-free
  • almost maintenance-free
  • safe for property and people
  • high resistance to short circuit

Forecasts indicate that dry-type transformers market will be increasing exponentially in the following years.

I hope that you will enjoy reading this special edition.

Humberto Moreno Páramo

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