Global Head of Marketing and Sales, Transformers business at Hitachi Energy

Global Head of Marketing and Sales, Transformers business at Hitachi Energy

Vol. 9 Issue 1

Humanity is facing global challenges which require global solutions; climate change and despoiling of ecosystems are key examples connected to our industry. As technology and market leaders, we have an obligation to find solutions.

Electricity has improved our standards of living since its invention more than two hundred years ago. Going forward, higher levels of electrification will significantly enhance sustainability in the world’s energy systems.

Analysis of multiple recent studies on the evolution of the world energy system indicates that global electricity consumption will more than double, from 20 % (today) to over 40 % of total energy demand by 2050.

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On top of that, there is a need to support decarbonization across all industry and commercial sectors and certainly within the energy space, which is the largest contributor of carbon emissions.

And here is where we can add value: with the combined heritage of Hitachi and ABB of about 250 years, Hitachi Energy is a global technology leader in the electricity field. Transformers are a critical component for electricity generation, transmission, and distribution and can play a key role here as enablers for sustainable energy, including the most pressing shift to renewables’ integration. In addition, as technology leaders, we also need to continue exploring emerging technologies and pushing technology boundaries—in a variety of segments, such as electrification of infrastructure and transportation—which will create new and more sustainable possibilities all across. Further development of energy storage is also crucial. Predominantly, batteries with long-duration storage technologies—such as hydrogen and pressurized air—will require extensive research and development. Reliable and greener transformers will be needed here and everywhere.

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