Intercontinental Hotel in Singapore adopts digital distribution transformers from Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Based on the hotel's standard operating conditions, the asset is expected to see a drop of 40 % in failure rate and increased life extension by up to 50 %

byJean Carlos Leicht

Jean Carlos Leicht - Intercontinental Hotel in Singapore

A hotel-stay can make or break a trip leaving lasting memories. Hotels, therefore, strive hard to ensure their guests have the highest level of comfort and service quality to make their stay pleasant. One of the essential elements in ensuring this is a reliable and consistent supply of electricity. It is the distribution transformers located at the hotel that route electricity for various applications in the hotel. Setting up the right electric infrastructure and maintaining its efficiency is critical for the hotel management to prevent power outage and reduce operating expenses.

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The InterContinental® Hotel in Singapore has been a winner of multiple awards for surpassing customer expectations due to its outstanding hospitality and high comforts level. When they consulted I2R Consulting and Engineering Services for an upgrade to their electric infrastructure with new transformers, they wanted to be future-ready.

As global leaders of transformers and long-term partners of I2R, Hitachi ABB Power Grids recommended the optimum solution for the InterContinental Hotel – the TXpert™ Enabled Dry distribution transformer.

The TXpert™ Enabled digital transformer is a part of the TXpert™ Ecosystem for the digitalization of transformers from Hitachi ABB Power Grids. This ecosystem is open, scalable, and manufacturer-agnostic, with a complete suite of products, software, services, and solutions.


Based on the hotel’s standard operating conditions, the asset is expected to see a drop of 40 % in failure rate and increased life extension by up to 50 %

Leveraging the data and intelligence collected by an array of onboard sensors and processed by a powerful suite of analytics, InterContinental Hotel at Singapore will be able to implement data-driven asset management of its distribution transformers.

A detailed study was undertaken by the team at Hitachi ABB Power Grids to estimate the benefits of TXpert™ Enabled transformer for the hotel over the traditionally assumed 20-year lifespan with standard operating conditions. Based on the study, the TXpert™ Enabled transformers are expected to have a reduced failure rate by about 40 % and an increased life expectancy of up to 50 %. Additionally, its book value would double at the end of 20 years.



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