Interview with Marco Del Contrasto, Owner of COBRAL

Marco Del Contrasto provides the insight into the business, products, and services of COBRAL, an Italian supplier of non-ferrous products.

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Marco Del Contrasto, COBRAL

COBRAL is a young company with an old heart. And when speaking from the heart, Marco Del Contrasto, the company’s owner, is speaking about the experience, familiarity, and a great passion that binds his team: these are the values that have been consolidated and made the company grow.

COBRAL is an Italian company that supplies non-ferrous semi-finished products such as strips and sheets made from copper, brass, aluminium, bronze and German silver


However, the growth of the business entails new challenges that must be faced with innovative tools and approaches. For this reason, COBRAL has embarked on the minibond path by listing the bonds on the Italian stock exchange, as a small and medium-sized enterprise.

The access to the debt market, at this stage, allows COBRAL to properly manage the finance of tomorrow that will be more structured and diversified than ever before.

Company data

COBRAL is a sales oriented company within the financing and holding group DEL.BI of which the company FLODECO Metalli is the productive unit. While FLODECO Metalli was founded in 2007, its commercial unit COBRAL was started in 2010 with the primary goal to increase the market export to Europe and the entire world, starting with nearby countries. Today, the whole group has around 30 people dedicated to this work.

An interesting fact is that the name COBRAL stands for COPPER, BRASS, ALUMINIUM, which are the main products manufactured and sold by the company, along with BRONZE and GERMAN SILVER.

The company’s services contribute to pre-sales, sales and post-sales activities, showing great and strong customer orientation.

COBRAL’s primary market is the transformers market, which covers almost 50 % of the company’s production, while the other segments of the business are automotive and mechanical supplies


The primary market covered by COBRAL is the electric transformers market, which covers almost 50 % of the company’s production, while the other segments of the company business are automotive and mechanical supplies focusing on raw material for pressing and cutting. In terms of the location of customers, the majority of them (80 %) are located in Italy, and the rest of them are mainly located in Spain, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Russia.

Even if the energy business had not been substantially growing since the company’s start in 2010, it has been, however, rapidly growing in the last few years, increasing the total company turnover from 19 million euros, with 4,000 tons of material handled in an area of 1,800 m2 in 2017 to 25 million euros, 6,200 tons of material handled in an area of 4,500 m2 in 2019.

Cobral Metal Service
Via E. Fermi, 17
20019 Settimo Milanese (MI) – ITALY
Tel.: +39 02 9085879
Fax: +39 02 9086756


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