Interview with Murat Yurekten

Murat Yurekten is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ENPAY, where he started working in 1993.

Murat Yurekten holds a BA degree in Management and an MS degree in International Business. He started working in ENPAY in 1993. Became a board member, deputy Chairman and General Manager in 1994.

He became the majority shareholder in 2003. Delegated board member in 2009. Chairman and delegated bord member in 2013.

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“ENPAY Endustriyel Pazarlama ve Yatirim A.S. was founded by my father, Mr. Selim Yurekten as a trading company in Istanbul in 1978. After many years trading in materials for transformers, he started a manufacturing activity for transformer insulation in 1989. I joined the company in 1992-1993, working for the business whilst completing my MBA studies, and once I graduated I returned to Istanbul to devote myself to the company. By this time, we had just started to produce magnetic cores in ENPAY for current transformers, and we rapidly extended our product range to stacked laminations for voltage transformer cores and similar transformers. ENPAY has always been an International supplier and we were focused on exporting as much as possible. In the late 90s, we brought high-performance products into our product range and introduced nickel-iron cores for high-accuracy measurement for current transformers. In doing so, we were able to offer customers a new raw material supplier from the USA. This enabled ENPAY to open the first European transformer segment as an alternative to well-established central European suppliers. Once we developed all types of so-called ‘’wound cores’’ we quickly developed current transformers; bushing-type CTs and ring-type CTs.”

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