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Interview with René Mrajca

Interview with René Mrajca

René Mrajca is CEO of Elpro-Energo Transformers s.r.o. In the interview he describes their cooperation with GEORG. Introducing Elpro-Energo Transformers he said:

It was a direct route from trading transformers to actual production. I studied high voltage engineering at the University of Brno. In my first job, we started selling SGB transformers from Regensburg and later Neumark. I have been selling transformers all my life until I got the idea to make them by myself.

GEORG was the obvious choice. GEORG is a legend in the transformer industry. Any quality company with a name runs a GEORG. We just picked the right type of machine.

Vol. 9 Issue 2

What made you decide to start your own transformer production?

Our requirements grew, and we could not find a partner on the market who could meet them, especially in terms of quantity, deadlines and finally, quality. And so, we had no choice but to make our own arrangements.

With what background and professional experience did you make your decision to build a new transformer plant in Europe?

If you spend your whole life with these things and visit different manufacturers, you develop a relationship with these products. You know what the customer wants, what they are looking for. These things are obvious to you. In school, you learn the basics and the rest in daily practice.

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