Interview with Stephan Hoffarth, Acting Partner of Componect

Many advantages of pluggable power connections are unknown in many places, thus they are not yet applied wherever it would be economical and efficient.

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Stephan Hoffarth, Componect
Stephan Hoffarth, Componect

Benefiting from partnerships

Componect is active in the field of pluggable power connection technology and sells its own components for medium and high voltage applications

At the beginning of 2019, we started our company Componect which is 100 % privately owned and based in Baden, Switzerland. After many years of working for a large international company with many hierarchical levels, a correspondingly complex organization with relatively long decision-making processes, it is a very special experience to found and build up your own business. The associated boost in motivation is immense and very satisfying as well. Of course, new challenges are also part of the game, but the positive effects are by far more prominent. Nevertheless, I would not want to miss the experiences I was able to gain during my time as an employee. Overall, it was a good time during which I learned a lot. When it comes to customer acquisition, it is also very helpful to know the structures of larger companies and how they work.

In order to limit the investment and maximize the resources and the experience that we can engage in, we have based our company setup on external partnerships with highly specialized and well-established companies in the area of R&D and production.

Many advantages of pluggable power connections are not yet known in many places, and consequently they are not yet applied wherever it would be economical and efficient

In order to avoid rookie mistakes in the manufacture, we put a special focus on the producibility of our products. For example, during the development of our plug-in type bushing, we have paid particular attention to minimize the number of required parts and also to optimize material properties, functionality, and shape as much as possible. These, measured in combination with an up-to-date manufacturing technology, result in a very robust production process which enables us to produce products with no faults, and to offer a high product quality at an attractive price.

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