Joško Papić Head of Quality Control Department at Končar D&ST

Joško Papić Head of Quality Control Department at Končar D&ST

Vol. 8 issue 4

Končar D&ST is a manufacturer of distribution, special as well as small and medium power transformers. The company has decided at one point to increase its production capacity by 50 %. This significant increase also demands an increase and optimisation of capacities in all business segments of the company.

One such important segment is testing, since it includes a number of factors (location of the test station relative to the other production lines, type and characteristics of the equipment, human resources, etc., but primarily safety).

Joško Papić, Head of Quality Control Department at Končar D&ST has told us about the test station extension project. He has discussed the ideas analysed in the process, methods of evaluating different measurement technologies, how they finally selected solutions and increased the testing capacity and at the same time increased the testing speed and precision. All the while they have managed to statistically reduce the measured losses and PD, earning the reputation as one of the best transformer testing stations.

Končar D&ST is a regional leader in the production of distribution, medium power and special transformers up to 160 MVA and 170 kV. The company was initially founded in 1921, so there is a 100-year-long tradition in the production of electrical and technical products, but in 1991 after reorganisation Končar D&ST was registered as joint stock company.

In Končar D&ST, there are more than 650 employees, of which about 300 are university-trained employees. The company’s turnover in 2020 was over 150 million euros and the company’s growth has continued.

The main products in the company are medium power transformers up to 160 MVA and 170 kV, distribution transformers up to 10 MVA and 36 kV, dry-type transformers up to 5 MVA and 24 kV, and special transformers such as earthing transformers, reactors, rectifier and converter transformers, and locomotive transformers. The company itself is divided into three parts – one is a profit centre for medium power transformers, the other a profit centre for distribution transformers and the last one are common services like purchasing, incoming control and finances.

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