MAXEI, your partner 4.0 to optimise transformer oil treatment

MAXEI, your partner 4.0 to optimise transformer oil treatment

Vol. 7 Issue 3

MAXEI offers advanced, flexible, and custom solutions for transformer oil processing that meets Industry 4.0 paradigm

Transformers market players, whether they are manufacturers, operators, or maintenance professionals, are confronted with high technical and economic constraints in the management of the transformer’s insulating oil. In addition, there is a growing ecological challenge, therefore, their needs change to adapt to a demanding industrial, competitive and regulatory environment.

MAXEI offers these manufacturers nearly 90 years of expertise and knowhow in the supply of specific equipment

for the manufacture, operation, and maintenance of transformers (see the diagram on the next page):

• A range of machines used to process all types of insulating oil: purification,

filtration, regeneration, etc.

• Customised drying oven development.

The industry as a whole is embracing new standards: communicating and controllable machines, high degrees of automation, ecological footprint, custom-made manufacturing and many customisation options, smart sensors. This is the Industry 4.0 concept that MAXEI upholds and in which it offers innovating solutions adapted to each of its customers’ needs.

Flexibility and customisation

Product customisation is a basic Industry 4.0 concept in which technical specifications become variables that can be adjusted on-demand and where customisation becomes available to all so that every need can have its own adapted solution.

Oil processing units are designed to be modular; equipment for basic simple units can be upgraded continuously

This is first illustrated by the range of oil processing units:

• XeLean: compact, simplified, agile, quickly available, etc. – when the high levels of MAXEI standards match your needs

• MAS: enhanced versatility, by-pass circuits, a wide range of options, varied handling and transport solutions, etc. – MAS adapts to all situations for those who want to go further

• MAS TEC: adds a high level of automation and safety to the incredible versatility of the MAS, allowing the processing of oil under load without installation downtime for very high demand networks

• REGEN: completes the oil treatment units by regenerating the chemical properties of excessively used oils, with its Catalysis option for compliance with the strictest regulations.