Vol. 8 issue 3

Digital applications and dispersed energy supply are major challenges of today’s energy network. In addition, there are also increasing regulatory restrictions and cost pressures. Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) are an important part of this environment. They make grid operation as efficient as possible – if they function reliably, autonomously and securely and have a simple, standardized operation.

This is yet another reason why MR is the market leader in the voltage regulation sector. Its extensive experience is now concentrated in the latest TAPCON® 230 generation, which offers maximum flexibility for current and future requirements. In addition to simple regulating tasks, the TAPCON® family can also control complex special applications such as three-winding transformers, transformer banks, phase shifters and shunt reactors.


20 years TAPCON® 230

This knowledge is the basis for the new TAPCON® 230 generation, with an innovative design and greatly improved hardware and software functions. The concept of the new TAPCON® 230 is designed for consistently simple handling – everywhere and in all phases of operation.

Together with users, MR developed an intuitive operating process that does not require any special training.

New control algorithms, such as TAPCON® Dynamic Set Point Control (TDSC), are the answer to increasing dynamics in the grid. The result: TAPCON® 230 makes voltage regulation ready for increased feed-ins of renewable energies. Especially voltage band violations due to increasing feed-ins from solar or wind power farms in distribution networks are challenging to deal with since more and more “green” voltage sources are added.