MSENSE® Sensors with system

MSENSE® Sensors with system

Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) is the world market leader in the control of power transformers using on-load tap changers. The company works intensively on making the energy supply even more secure with innovative products and services. In 2018, ETOS®, the world’s first open operating system for power transformers, was introduced. The system has established itself very successfully in the market over the last two years. The logical continuation has now been introduced with the intelligent MSENSE® sensors. In combination with ETOS®, the new sensors are the perfect all-round solution for maximum reliability of equipment. With the six intelligent MSENSE® sensors, all data required for the safe operation of a power transformer can be recorded and evaluated.

MR is also the only supplier in the world that can offer the MSENSE® VAM on-load tap changer and drive monitoring system, which is based on a vibro-acoustic measuring method developed in-house, in addition to the complete monitoring of the transformer.

The company sees itself as a solution partner for the entire power transformer system and can provide and process all relevant measured variables for long-term, safe, and optimum operation, and provide recommendations for action – all from one source.

On the following pages, we introduce the new intelligent MSENSE® sensors.


Vol. 7 Issue 4