New developments in dry-type technology

New developments in dry-type technology

Special Edition - Dry-type Transformers

Dry-type transformers are enlarging in size and voltage

– are we ready for a challenge?

  1. Introduction

Transformers are essential components in the energy sector. With long manufacturing times and high first investment costs, they are the first equipment to consider in energy solutions. Technology advancement and focusing on material research led to a new type of solution in the transformer market. The technological developments are likely to continue in the following years with advanced simulation and computation tools that are used in the design stage to meet customer requirements and complexities for the power systems. On the other hand, optimization of the material costs and getting a larger market share is a challenge [1]. At manufacturing, quality and speed are essential. For this purpose, automated manufacturing processes are developed every day. Lifetime expectancy is long for transformers, but with hybrid insulation systems life expectancy of transformers is getting longer [1].


The most significant topics for the simulation of dry-type transformers are thermal calculations and aging studies


Even with efficiency ratings of more than 99.9 %, regulations focus on environmental and economic considerations, so lowering losses and considering Total Ownership Costs (TOC) is always the number one comparison point for transformers [2]. Another trend is the effect of decentralization. This will probably strengthen the tendency towards smaller rated oil and dry-type transformers as well as the drytype transformers, which will be one of the major options [3]. With requirements such as power quality and fast reaction to disturbances in the network, transformer withstand ability must be developed.

Dry-type technology is generally experienced with small prototype manufacturing. When the results are satisfactory, big investments follow up.

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