Outlook for transformer materials and components

Outlook for transformer materials and components

Research-based insights into future trends

It is a common practice for manufacturers of materials and components to closely cooperate with transformer manufacturers, some even with transformer users, all to lead the innovation in the right direction. An advantage of this type of cooperation is resolving a specific issue for a specific customer, while on the other hand, such cooperation may result in focusing too much on a certain customer or a group of customers or creating a product that will not have sufficient market relevance because it will probably resolve issues for a relatively small number of users.

The most important thing for the manufacturers of materials and components is to know what the transformer manufacturers and users (utilities) expect of their products in the future

Vol. 9 Issue 2

Transformers Magazine has conducted Industry Navigator research of market and technology trends in 2021, with the goal to collect and analyse the expectations of a broader community. The article [1] discusses the results related to sustainability, while this article analyses the results related to expectations for materials and components.

The research

In this research, we have collected 261 responses from different parts of the world. Having a sufficient number of responses coming from around the world provides a unique opportunity for various analyses, which enables obtaining reliable results and unbiased insights.

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