Prabhat K. Jain – CEO of Virginia Transformer

In 1982, we had only one plant, today there are five plants in the North America, we are the second-largest US transformer company in terms of MVA capacity.

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Prabhat K. Jain

Prabhat K. Jain is the CEO of the second largest power transformer manufacturing company in North America – Virginia Transformer Corp and Georgia Transformer Corp. The company that covers the largest range of power transformers from 1 MVA to 1,500 MVA, employs 1,400 associates in five manufacturing plants in North America.

Mr. Jain has led the business since 1982. His family has the sole ownership of the business.

Before coming to VTC, he worked for General Electric Company, and before that he was Division Manager for Robinson Halpern Company where he received a patent for High Temp Acceleration measurement.

He has served on the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce Board, the Board of United Way of Roanoke Valley and also The Jefferson Center, a cultural organisation. He also served on the Board of the Virginia Manufacturer Association in the past. Currently, he is a member of the technology council of southwest Virginia. Due to his leadership in the export market development for his company, Mr. Jain was appointed by the US Secretary of Commerce to the Virginia District Export Council in 1992 where he currently serves.  He also served as the Chairman of this council for 2 years.

In 1982, we had only one plant, today there are five plants in the North America, we are the second-largest US transformer company in terms of MVA capacity and the largest in terms of ratings and designs supplied to the market.

Virginia Transformer Corporation (VTC) was founded in 1971 in Roanoke, Virginia, to serve the coal mining industry in the Appalachian Mountains. In 1982, I assumed management of VTC, and in 1989, the company moved to a new 13,500 m2 (145,000 ft2) power transformer manufacturing facility in Roanoke, Virginia. This plant manufactures power transformers up to 30 MVA, 138 kV. A few years later, in 1995, VTC opened a second manufacturing facility in Chihuahua, Mexico. This modern plant custom-designs and manufactures smaller power transformers up to 15 MVA, 69 kV class. In 2003, VTC acquired US transformer operations in Pocatello, Idaho, and invested heavily in a new plant over the years, making it the best equipped 230 kV, 150 MVA plant in North America. Ten years later, a separate facility was developed for tank fabrication, sand blasting, and painting of power transformers manufactured at the Roanoke plant. In 2015, VTC acquired the most modern large power transformer manufacturing facility in North America from Effacec Energia. This state-of-the-art 23,200 m2 (250,000 ft2) transformer manufacturing facility located in Rincon, Georgia, was renamed Georgia Transformer Corporation (VTC-GTC) and it manufactures core type transformers up to 500 MVA, 500 kV class. The plant also has the capability to manufacture shell-type transformers up to 1,400 MVA.

My family and I are the owners of all the facilities, and we are all involved in running the business.

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