Russian books on reactors, special transformers and related to transformer engineering – Part 3

Russian books on reactors, special transformers and related to transformer engineering – Part 3

Vol. 9 Issue 1


  1. P. Buryanov, The transformer oil (Трансформаторное масло), Ed. 3.0, Gostekhizdat, Moscow-Leningrad, 191 pages, 1955

The book describes the properties of transformer oils, their change during operation, norms and care for oil. The book is designed for operating personnel of power plants and networks.


  1. M. Tikhomirov, The calculation of arc-furnace transformers (Расчет трансформаторов для электродуговых печей), Gosenergoizd, Moscow-Leningrad, 208 pages, 1959 P. G. Burman, A. G. Krajz, The production of transformer magnetic cores (Transformer Series, Vol. 3)

The devices and designs of magnetic circuits of transformers of small, medium and high power are described, the main materials used for their manufacture are considered. The technology of manufacturing transformer magnetic circuits is described.

  1. V. Ivashev, Transformer repair (Ремонт трансформаторов), Ed. 3.0, Gosenergoizdat, Moscow-Leningrad, 358 pages, 1959
  2. A. Kaganovich, The testing of small and medium power transformers (Transformer Series, Vol. 2) (Испытание трансформаторов малой и средней мощности (Трансформаторы, вып. 2)), Gosenergoizdat, Moscow-Leningrad, 240 pages, 1959


  1. Heller, A. Veverka, The surge phenomena in the electrical machines (Волновые процессы в электрических машинах), Gosenergoizdat, Moscow, 631 pages, 1960

Theory of transient voltage distribution in various types of coils and windings of transformers is considered, theory of surge phenomena in electrical machines. Various circuits for impulse generators and voltage dividers; Impulse testing and measurement techniques and modeling for surge distribution study in transformers.

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