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Sustainability – outlook for the transformer industry

Sustainability – outlook for the transformer industry

Vol. 9 Issue 3

Transformers Magazine’s Industry Navigator Conference 2022

‘Sustainability – outlook for the transformer industry‘ is an industry-wide event, where all parties will have a chance to present their views on the subject and discuss the matter with other stakeholders. The objective is to identify best approaches for improving sustainability in the industry.

This year’s conference follows the Transformers Magazine’s Industry Navigator research, conducted last year, which also covered some aspects of sustainability. The research results have revealed that across the value chain and among different applications, there are significant differences in views on sustainability and related priorities.

This is indeed what we can see in the current practice – data related to sustainability are more frequently required in tenders and purchasing documentation, where different companies require different data and use different formats. This, unfortunately, significantly increases the workload and amount of documentation, undermining the very purpose of the initiative.

Therefore, there is a strong need to consider and discuss different views and priorities as well as to coordinate all activities with the objective of harmonizing the requirements and documentation to the greatest possible extent.

Many companies are considering projects related to sustainability; many will do this soon, therefore, now is the time to get together and unite efforts in making some order in this area to get better results.

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