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The latest generation of dry-type transformers: CAREPOLE

The latest generation of dry-type transformers: CAREPOLE

Vol. 9 Issue 3

Energizing society is not only the slogan of Siemens Energy but also a stated business mission. By combining dry-type technology with a pole-mounted transformer application, Siemens Energy makes energy distribution both more reliable and sustainable. CAREPOLE, the new dry-type, pole-mounted transformer launched in April 2022, received very positive customer feedback at the IEEE in New Orleans, where the public had the chance to experience the new distribution transformer for the first time. Particular highlights were the lifetime of 25+ years, the robustness as well as the size and weight of CAREPOLE. Initial customer reactions show that CAREPOLE has met the expectations placed on it.

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 The unique pole-mounted, dry-type transformer offers exactly the benefits customers are looking for when choosing a transformer. CAREPOLE is extremely reliable, durable, maintenance-free, and green.

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