Thomas Gilke – Vice President, Global Sales of Krempel

Thomas Gilke – Vice President, Global Sales of Krempel

Vol. 8 issue 3

Krempel is a company – a technical materials specialist focused on electrical insulation materials, including transformer insulation, present on all continents either directly through its branch offices or through its network of partners. How is this global setup organised?

The Krempel group of companies is represented by 11 locations across four continents, 8 production locations, with 1,100 employees. The majority of production is conducted in Germany, in four factories: Kuppenheim, Vaihingen, Thalheim and Zwonitz. In the UK, there are Longridge and Bideford locations and there is also a factory in Sao Paolo in Brazil, as well as one in Xiamen, China.

After the reunification of Germany, Krempel acquired two Eastern Germany paper mills based in Thalheim and Zwonitz in early 1990s. The Thalheim factory produced the press paper in rolls, while the factory in Zwonitz produced the press board. Since then, Krempel has invested over 30 million euros into these two locations, upgrading them with the state-of-the-art technology. The branch in Brazil, which is a hub to the South-American markets, provides services to customers with short lead times. It is the same with China and Southeast Asia, at Krempel Insulations Xiamen Co., Ltd in Xiamen.

When it comes to the North American markets, Krempel Insulation Technologies has its own warehouse on the east coast of the USA.

Furthermore, the company nurtures long-term partnerships with sales agents, distributors and converters in more than 30 countries all over the world, providing an excellent local service to the customers.

Product portfolio

Krempel manufactures products for a wide range of applications. The products relevant to this discussion are those intended for the transformers market. However, to have a complete picture, could you give us a broader picture of your product portfolio and the markets on which you are present?

As already mentioned, our products are an important part of many different applications: transformers, rotating machines, photovoltaic panels, windmills, electric vehicles, batteries, airplanes, railway and so on.