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TOTUS – total transformer monitoring

TOTUS – total transformer monitoring

Vol. 8 issue 4

The Challenge for Asset Managers

DGA is typically used to detect discharge of high energy (D2), with Acetylene being the primary marker.

The challenge for asset managers is little visibility on when an arc has occurred and in which phase and winding, as well as no tracking on the number of arcing events.


At Camlin, our priority is optimising the health of your transformer fleet, letting you stay focused on what you do best — keeping the lights on.


How Does TOTUS Total Transformer Monitoring Drive Value?

Whereas other monitors can provide basic information detecting acetylene in the transformer, TOTUS delves deeper into arcing activities, identifying the phase and winding, as well as visibility on the number of arcing events. TOTUS gives asset managers the ability to correlate data to generate a deeper understanding of changes in the transformer, driving accurate decision making about asset health.

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