Transformer core stacking automation for smart manufacturing in the digitalisation era

Transformer core stacking automation for smart manufacturing in the digitalisation era

Vol. 7 Issue 3

GEORG, the world’s leading German manufacturer of transformer production equipment, developed a portfolio of autostack solutions for automatic core stacking of distribution and power transformers

As the world’s leading manufacturer for transformer production equipment, GEORG benefits from a several decades of market experience, having successfully completed over 1,000 projects in the transformer industry.

The portfolio of autostack solutions developed by GEORG is the widest available on the market, as today it is possible to automatically stack everything from small distribution transformers of only around 100 kVA up to large 5-limb power transformers of over 100 MVA.

The development of high-precision and efficient solutions for core stacking enables covering all the necessities in the business of transformers. This can be done by applying offline stacking solutions, which are mainly considered in the transition to automatic stacking for all those companies already having efficient core cutting lines in production, but also being open to the opportunity of adding automatic stacking solutions to the existing process. Another one is applying inline stacking solutions that include automatic coil loading, cutting, stacking, and final assembling.

Today, transformer manufacturers and service centres can choose between the systems of different degrees of automation with all the equipment having one thing in common: the supply of complete, integrated solutions down to autonomous, driver-less transport platforms for internal work logistics.

The GEORG autostack solutions are individually designed to be integrated into our customers’ production surroundings considering available space and the existing equipment such as core stacking tables.

A key value for customers of automatic core stacking solutions is the consistency in quality. The automatic system will always ensure the same high-performance quality level, with much less dependence on personnel availability and worker skills. Automatic assembly systems already in operation at our customers’ have shown a reduction in core losses compared with manual stacking, greatly reducing the energy consumption for users.

When it comes to efficient and precision stacking, only experience and inovativeness combined can ensure the best and reliable results

In order to achieve the task of precision stacking at its best, which is a very important challenge of automatic core stacking process, the autostack systems are produced by the German company Heinrich Georg GmbH Maschinenfabrik, a proven worldwide transformer-core expert, in cooperation with GĂĽdel Group AG from Switzerland, a company with excellence in automated motion solutions in different applications.