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UHF partial discharge testing on oil-filled power transformers

UHF partial discharge testing on oil-filled power transformers

Measurement alternative for noisy environments

Partial discharge (PD) measurements performed in the Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) range of 100 to 2000 MHz are a reliable measurement alternative. These UHF PD measurements are especially useful for onsite PD testing on oil-filled power transformers since they are robust against external signals.

This is because numerous noise sources, such as mobile communications, radar signals, and corona discharges, predominantly transmit in lower or narrow frequency ranges. By comparison, PD measurements performed in the UHF range result in a very high signal-to-noise ratio. Therefore, optimal PD measurement sensitivity is ensured with little or no interference from external noise for the most reliable defect detection and insulation condition assessment.

Vol. 9 Issue 2

Reliable UHF PD testing

The portable UHF 800 PD measurement system is OMICRON’s latest solution for performing offline and online UHF PD measurements on oil-filled power transformers from 100 to 2000 MHz. Tuneable bandwidth filters ensure an optimal signal-to-noise ratio for reliable PD analysis in noisy onsite testing environments.

The system’s portable and flexible modular design enables fast and easy setup during type and routine testing in HV laboratories or test bays, onsite commissioning, and troubleshooting in the field.

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