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    Transformers Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 1

    BY MLADEN Banovic, PhD, Editor-in-Chief


    Basics of Power Transformers

    Nowadays, electric energy is available almost everywhere, and we do not even think how it was produced. Production of the electric energy is possible by...


    Power Transformer Life

    In our industry there are often terms or buzzwords that many of us use with liberty but might not fully understand their meaning. Justifiably, we...


    Trends in Power Transformer Failure Analysis

    Failure investigations are becoming increasingly important in these days when assets like power transformers cost in the millions of euros or dollars and consolidation in...


    Classification of Transformers Family

    Transformers basically perform a very simple function: they increase or decrease voltage and current for  electric energy transmission. It is precisely stated what a transformer...


    A General Overview of Power Transformer Diagnosis

    Presuming they operate normally, average life expectancy of power transformers is around forty years. The manufacturer’s transformer warranty is valid for one to a few...

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