Transformers Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 1

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Editorial Message

Dear Readers,

The idea about a transformers magazine was born from discussions on Linkedin Transformers forum, where people worldwide, from over 130 countries, take part in
24/7 discussions, share their experiences and learn about the latest issues related to transformers. There is a truly wide range of broad, comprehensive topics which include all aspects of transformers’ lifetime and its components such as: parameter specifications from the grid viewpoint, including smart grid, reliability and efficiency, design, manufacturing, testing, operation and maintenance, protection, monitoring, diagnosis, failure, research of the failure causes, standards, education etc.

Some of the most accomplished experts have told me that through the forum they can still expand as well as refresh their knowledge, despite spending decades in the transformers field in the best possible environment. The content is specifically valuable to the somewhat less experienced, those with limited knowledge in this field. In order to prevent the content from being lost somewhere in virtual world in the electronic form, the idea of a magazine was born. A group of more active transformer community members made great effort in preparation of the magazine and, despite their numerous private and work commitments, the magazine has become a reality.

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