Transformers Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 2

Transformers Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 2
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Editorial Message

Dear Readers,

In this issue, the Transformers Magazine brings you a wide range of technical articles – from general overviews to advanced specialised articles, and two columns.

Jean Sanchez presents an overview of six most commonly used power transformer winding types: continuous disc windings, interleaved windings, intershielded windings, layer windings, helical windings, and pancake windings.

Dielectric and thermal design considerations for the use of esters as insulating and cooling fluid are presented in the article by Mark Lashbrook. Three case studies are described, including the details which caused decisions to be made about the usage of alternative fluids, for example, greater demand for fire safety, the increased need for protection of the environment from pollution and avoiding fire extinguishing system.

In his column Trends in Power Transformer Failure Analysis, Wallace Binder writes about different failure modes in transformers and methods for detection of these failures.

Classic Power Transformer Windings

The separate windings of every phase and every voltage level are assembled together onto a magnetic core. This core is typically made of cold rolled grain oriented steel, which...

Ester Fluids for Power Transformers at >100kV

Introduction The behaviour of mineral oil is well understood and designers have established rules for the construction of transformers through research, as well as trial and error, over many...

Trends in Power Transformer Failure Analysis

The transformer failure can be initiated by many factors, but the results of a failure can be the same.  Diagnostic tests provide indication of incipient failure. One must have...

Transformers in HVDC Transmission

Why do we need power transmission by direct current? The transmission of bulk electricity in the last 120 years has revolutionised the way we live and work by bringing...

Power Transformer Market Review

2014 is the year of the Horse according to the Lunar Calendar, and I think it is very symbolic for the transformer market right now. We can see quick,...