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    Transformers Magazine Vol. 11 Issue 1

    BY MLADEN Banovic, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

    TM 11-2 cover 400x570 TABLE OF CONTENTS
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    Editorial Message

    Dear Readers,

    At the beginning of the year, I would like to reflect on the main market information related to the shortage of transformers. Obviously, 2023 was an exceptionally good business year for manufacturers of transformers, materials, components, etc. Most factories are filled with orders for the next two to three years or even longer, which is significant progress after 15 challenging years, although the situation is not the same in all parts of the world.

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    Tony McGrail

    Maintenance-related thoughts

    In this article, Tony McGrail explores the concept of maintenance, emphasizing its practical origins and the need for physical interaction with objects to manage deterioration.


    Green transformation in Elprom

    Find out how Elprom is conducting the green transformation by introducing ester-insulating liquids in its portfolio of products.

    Jean Sanchez

    EDF Hydro’s approach to monitoring

    This article by Jean Sanchez presents related data and a case study with the diagnosis of a power transformer based on monitoring in the field of Dissolved Gas Analysis...


    Books on power transformers in English – Part 1

    This article by P. Ramachandran and V. Gurin presents a comprehensive historical review of the literature on power transformers up until the end of the 19th century.


    Online DGA monitoring – A new approach

    This article from Megger’s V. Oppedisano and M. Pinard covers the historical development of the DGA sensors and sensing techniques as well as today’s mature technology sensors.

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