Transformers Magazine Vol. 2 Issue 1

Transformers Magazine Vol. 2 Issue 1
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Editorial Message

Dear readers,

We wish you a happy and prosperous 2015! As we start off our second year in print, we will try to bring you even more useful, topical and interesting content while you can guide us with your  suggestions and constructive comments.

In this issue, Transformers Magazine brings you a wide range of technical articles and two interviews.

In the interview Dr. Daniel J. Tschudi, Executive Vice President of WICOR Group, shares his views on transformer insulation and monitoring.

Kenneth Budin provides guidance on world’s best practices in transformer transport, installation and commissioning. These final stages of the supply chain are equally important as transformer design, manufacturing process and factory acceptance testing.

In their article Mladen Banovic, P Ramachandran, Navin Rego and Pavel Justiz put forward a summary of the discussion on the significance of CO2/CO ratio in dissolved gas analysis, which was held in Transformers forum on LinkedIn. The authors tried to collect various experiences and present problems which can be faced in different regions of the world, trying to enhance  communication about technical problems on a global scale without an intention to impose their personal views.

Communications in the transformer market

Introduction The goal of each player in the market is to grow their business. However, due to competition not every company is equally successful in this. While some companies...

Significance of CO2/CO ratio in dissolved gas analysis

Abstract According to the literature, the ratio of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide (CO2/CO) for a transformer with a healthy cellulose insulation system should be between 3 and 11....

Condition based (re)investment in transformer populations

Abstract Slowly but surely, condition-based maintenance is coming to be understood worldwide as the number-one choice for optimising the reliability and cost-effective service of transformers. Up to now, however,...

Magnetic component design

Abstract AC currents in multiple layers in the transformer window can increase copper losses significantly due to the proximity effect. Traditionally used Dowell’s curves show that the phenomenon starts...