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    Transformers Magazine Vol. 2 Issue 4

    BY MLADEN Banovic, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

    Interview with Ansgar Hinz, CEO at MESSKO

    Summary Ansgar Hinz, CEO at MESSKO, talks about the successful transformation of the company from a small product manufacturer to a global solutions provider. Based...

    Core cooling duct

    Introduction Cores for large power transformers can be quite large items with the approximate dimension limits of up to 9 m in length, 4.5 m...

    3,000 mm wide crepe paper

    Munksjö Paper AB, in Jönköping Sweden, one of the leading producers of insulating Kraft paper, has recently inaugurated the world’s widest crepe machine. It is...

    Insulation for liquid filled transformers

    Introduction In July this year, a new higher efficiency standard took effect in the European Union and a second more stringent standard will take effect...

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