Transformers Magazine Vol. 2 Issue 4

Editorial Message

Dear readers,

This issue of Transformers Magazine brings three interviews, several technical articles, and a few advertorials.

I suggest reading technical articles, but also interviews and advertorials where you will find more technical information and ideas than you would expect.

Prince Moyo, General Manager for Power Delivery Engineering at ESKOM, provides an overview of their transformers and reactors fleet. ESKOM is the largest African utility and one of the largest utilities in the world, which invests more than USD 250 million a year in medium and large power transformers, and even more in distribution transformers.

Ansgar Hinz, CEO at MESSKO, talks about the successful transformation of the company from a small product manufacturer to a global solutions provider. Read about how the company has significantly increased the product portfolio and extended their offering with services in analytics, diagnostics and consultancy.

Mr Aaditya Dhoot, Chairman ELECRAMA-2016, presents the upcoming 12th edition of ELECRAMA to be held in Bengaluru, India. Find out how the event has grown over the last 25 years,  merging as one of the largest T&D exhibitions today.

Ahmed Gamil and Franz Schatzl present a new approach for the estimation of no-load losses in the transformer core, which overcomes the problem of the unknown core building factors when different core materials are used.

Stan Zurek discusses magnetisation processes in grain-oriented electrical steels (GOES) and the implications of demagnetisation procedure in the light of their influence on transformer testing.

Jill Duplessis and Matz Ohlen discuss the time requirements of a dielectric frequency response measurement and present today’s solution to minimise test time without compromising accuracy.

Anatoly Shkolnik proposes normalisation of dielectric dissipation factor values according to the rated voltage of the transformer and analyses temperature recalculation of dissipation factor.

Stefan Hoek and Udo Ranninger write about partial discharge localisation in environments with heavy interferences using ultrahigh frequency measurement and a combination with acoustic localisation.

Read about how Isotek’s innovative prefabricated core cooling duct simplifies the core stacking operations, bringing also other benefits to transformer manufacturers.

Find out more about WEIDMANN’s Monoblock – a new generation of laminated board which extends the thickness range of solid insulation material using only the components from the origin pulp fibre and removing the glue line, which acts as oil or water vapour barrier in the traditional laminated board.

Learn more about Munksjö’s new 3,000 mm wide crepe machine as they continue with innovations in the technology of insulating paper, doubling their production capacity of electrical insulating crepe Kraft paper.

Read about how 3M’s new high-temperature insulation can help mitigate issues which might ensue from the introduction of higher efficiency standards, and what benefits it may yield for transformer manufacturers and end users.

Last but not least, read about fault current limiter technologies which tackle increasing fault levels in substations, and learn more about testing/service performance of presaturated core fault current limiters, currently installed in live UK substations.

Have a pleasant reading!


Mladen Banovic, Editor-in-Chief

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