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    Transformers Magazine Vol. 5 Issue 2

    BY MLADEN Banovic, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

    Interview with Cody Cook, COO at RMS Energy

    Go-team for power plants   RMS Energy prides itself on being a go-team for power plants and generation facilities worldwide with an emphasis on inspection,...

    Column: Market review

    Completing the globally interconnected electricity grid   Abstract The total global load at the present moment in time is between 23,000 GWh to 24,000 GWh...

    Column: Transformer maintenance

    Beneficial investment for transformer maintenance Abstract Transformer is the most important and pricey piece of equipment in the transmission system, so an adequate maintenance strategy...

    Column: Condition monitoring

    Future of substation monitoring: It is not just the software   Abstract The future of online monitoring of HV substation equipment is closely linked to...

    Transformers meet connectivity

    Abstract: Digitalization changes everything: by 2020 50 billion “things” will be connected to the internet, and every day more than 5.5 million new devices are...

    Column: Transformer lifecycle

    Transformer health and risk indexing   Abstract Modern asset management systems make use of risk based decision methodologies. This means that not only the frequency...

    Diagnostic testing of cast-resin transformers

    Abstract Cast-resin power transformers are widely used in areas of high standards concerning fire hazards and environmental protection. The most common reason for failures of...

    SF6 gas-insulated vacuum tap-changer

    Introduction Rising urbanization leads to increase in population density, which poses big challenges for ensuring sufficient supply of electricity. Therefore, safety and fire resistance are...

    Transformer oil’s quiet titan

    Abstract Ergon is the world’s largest manufacturer of naphthenic specialty oils. Its HyVolt insulating oils have been the leading choice for transformer manufacturers and utilities...

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