Transformers Magazine Vol. 5 Issue 3

Transformers Magazine Vol. 5 Issue 3
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Editorial Message

Dear Readers,

Transformation is one of the notions that permeates the core of our industry. Although energy transformation made possible the transmission of electric energy from the place of production to remote places of consumption, thus enabling the development of the society to reach the stage we are at today, impacting and improving the life of billions of people worldwide, it was only when it acquired the prefix digital that the concept of transformation got wider popularity.

However, digital transformation has different implications from energy transformation, and today, this concept forms an essential part of all significant business analyses and strategies. One of the definitions of digital transformation is that it is a profound business and organizational transformation whose aim is to fully leverage the opportunities of a mix of digital technologies in a strategic and prioritized way, with present and future shifts in mind.

Industry 4.0 is one example of the digital transformation of manufacturing, whose impact can also be witnessed in our field. Examples of Industry 4.0-related products, which to a certain extent enable digital transformation in our field, are machines used in transformer manufacturing process, such as winding machines, core cutting and stacking machines, test systems, etc. These products can communicate and share data with other machines, processes and systems for monitoring, control and analytics.

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Column: Market review

Long-term market trends Abstract As we are approaching ten years since the global financial crash of 2008, sufficient time has lapsed for a perspective on how this affected the...
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Column: Transformer maintenance

Health indices and life assessment methodology Myth, fake maintenance or genuine contribution to transformers fleet reliability?   Abstract Nowadays, trendy attempts to avoid transformer failures include life assessment programs,...

EFACEC case study

Carlos Carvalho, Director of Technology at EFACEC, discusses the benefits of software modelling in the design and testing of transformers   The EFACEC Group is leading the supply of...

Column: Condition monitoring

Dissolved Gas Analysis for transformer health management   Abstract Complex studies have led to the development of powerful methods to assess the health of the insulation system, and even...

Column: Transformer lifecycle

Power transformer asset management   Abstract In 2014, the ISO 55000 standard on asset management was issued, providing an internationally recognized framework for asset management that utilities can adopt...

Acceleration of LV winding resistance measurement

A case study of an efficient measurement method   Abstract The winding resistance measurement requires extended time. According to IEC 60076-1 and IEEE C57.12.90 standards, the test should be performed using...

Expert systems vs. human expert

Abstract Expert systems have in recent years become an integral package of many online monitoring systems and diagnostic test equipment sold to transformer manufacturers, service providers and end users....