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    Transformers Magazine Vol. 6 Issue 1

    BY MLADEN Banovic, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

    Meet IDA

    An Interview with Megger’s Dr. Peter Werelius On September 27, 2018, IEEE-SA Standards Board approved IEEE C57.161-2018 – Guide for Dielectric Frequency Response test. This...

    Column: Market review

    Transformer components and sub-assembly markets The production of any power or distribution transformers requires the purchase and assembly of many components and materials, some of...

    Column: Transformer lifecycle

    Tap-changer diagnostics: Present state and new developments Abstract The primary function of power transformers is to transform voltage levels for transmission and distribution. Often, transformers...


    Terna, Italy – A profile

    About Terna Terna is one of the main electricity transmission grid operators in Europe, which manages the Italian high-voltage transmission grid – one of the...

    Column: Water in transformers

    All you wanted to know about it, but were afraid to ask 1. Q&A about water in transformers The idea to write a Q&A column...

    Assistance as a Service

    Abstract This paper reviews currently available hardware and software for remote assistance during transformer maintenance and provides a newly created business model. Recently, a large...

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