Transformers Magazine Vol. 7 Issue 1

TM Vol. 7 Issue 1
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Editorial Message

Dear readers,

As I write this text at the very end of the year, it is interesting to make a short review of the innovation presented and business events that have happened in 2019. Here are a few that in my opinion are related to the main trends in our industry.

The innovations are as follows:

Phase-change cooling transformer

A Chinese company announced that they developed the world’s first 220 kV evaporative cooling power transformer, which uses a new type of non-combustible insulating heat dissipation liquid material – fluorocarbon. This liquid is a kind of low-boiling, non-combustible, environmentally friendly material used for insulating and cooling the transformer by its gas-liquid phase change.

Compact medium frequency transformer

Researchers from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne have developed and built a compact medium-frequency transformer, rated for 100 kW and operated at 10 kHz. The idea is to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of smart grids and DC power distribution networks.

Vibration and noise reduction

Vibration and noise reduction has become a special concern in the transformer industry and other supporting industrial chains. Read about the main causes.

Column: Transformers maintenance

Marius Grisaru writes about the changes in the size of the transformer, the ratio of oil volume to the transformer power, and more.

Core cutting innovations

First company to design / install anthropomorphic robots for the automatic core stacking and devices for the fast replacement of the lamination on the decoiler

Transformer innovation

Electricity is becoming an important contributor to the energy transition in a connected and data driven society with rising electrical mobility.

Shunt reactors

ABB’s leading position in high and ultrahigh-voltage shunt reactors stems from an uncompromising commitment to quality, innovation and technical excellence.

Special transformers

ABB has developed a transformer that can operate safely with fast-acting breakers to provide reliable commissioning and load-bank switching operations.

Railway transformers

Indian Railways have a goal to improve passenger experience and freight handling, reduce carbon emissions from diesel locomotives and save on fuel costs

UHVDC and UHVAC transformers

As renewables increasingly become part of power generation, the need to transmit energy over greater distances with reduced losses becomes ever more desirable.

Mapping transformer populations

Mapping must be used as a starting point for condition-based maintenance to define the actions needed to ensure the transformer fleet’s performance reliability.

The transformation of transformers

Steps realized in the development of transformers and the story about how GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions’ ancestor companies contributed to that evolution

Middle East Energy

The Middle East’s energy and utilities sector is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, with the shift towards renewable energy and digital innovation.

PES T&D Conference 2020

Stakeholders recognize the need for new technologies to allow communities to benefit from clean power; leveraging innovations requires extra grid capabilities