Transformers Magazine Vol. 7 Issue 3

Naslovnica July 2020 - for web category - 400 x 570
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Editorial Message

Dear Reader,

In the last few months, everyone could have realised that power supply and communication infrastructure are essential for the functioning of modern society. We in our industry know that this is normally the case. However, under the conditions of the crisis we have recently gone through, everyone could have become aware of this. Governments have also recognised this importance of power supply infrastructure and it has been a blessing for many businesses in our field since transformers are at the core of the power system.

FLEETSCAN 2D: Your fleet at a glance

MR has developed FLEETSCAN 2D, a scientific solution for objective and independent condition assessment of power transformers


RANCAN SRL is an Italian company, and also a Global leader in manufacturing of high quality laminated densified wood used in many industrial sectors

Sulfur corrosion phenomena

Sulfur corrosion phenomenon that damages copper inside a transformer is quite old since it was observed almost immediately after implementing mineral oils.