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    Transformers Magazine Vol. 8 issue 3

    BY MLADEN Banovic, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

    Naslovnica 8-3 TABLE OF CONTENTS
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    Editorial Message

    Dear readers,

    The recent surge in global commodity prices is probably the most discussed business topic at the moment. In several instances, raw material prices have doubled over the past year. Clearly, this has created great challenges for the sustainable manufacturing business and caused some transformer manufacturers to publicly announce price increases. Transformers Magazine has previously published educational materials on supply chain management and I would like to take this opportunity to jog your memory about the articles written by Ufuk Kivrak – ‘Creating value through supplier relations management and strategic partnerships’, published in volume 7 (2020), issue 4, and ‘Supply chain management’, published in the Special Edition on Substations in 2019, in which you can find very useful recommendations on how to reduce the risks of rising raw material prices.

    In this regard, I would like to draw your attention to the highly topical research on technology and market trends that is currently conducted by Transformers Magazine. Additional information about the research is available on our website, so please feel free to contact us in case you have any questions about it.

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    Column Ramachandran_Standards

    Standards relevant to transformers – Part VI

    Transformer specification is a “common language” between manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, engineers, or any other parties that work with transformers on the technical level.

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