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    Transformers Magazine Vol. 8 issue 4

    BY MLADEN Banovic, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

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    Editorial Message

    Dear readers,

    I would like to start this message expressing my gratitude to our readers who are continuously supporting us. This support is particularly reflected in a recent survey on the best magazines in the transformers industry, conducted by Virginia Transformer Corp, where we have received a huge support with 73 % votes. This has really impressed us, although it is consistent with the support that you give us continuously subscribing to the magazine. We have over 90 % paid subscribers, despite the fact that you can read over 90 % of our content for free, and apparently this is very unique in the publishing business. We see this recognition as an obligation to continue on this course with even greater devotion and passion, and we are fully committed to the task.

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    Commissioning of current transformers

    Current transformers are the link between the primary and the secondary system and are therefore essential components of the electrical energy system.

    CWIEME Transformer Day 850x400

    CWIEME Transformer Day – Post-event impressions

    CWIEME Transformer Day is a specialized digital event focusing on the transformers and components of trans formers, held every year, in addition to the “in-person” CWIEME events.

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