Transformers Magazine Vol. 9 Issue 1

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Editorial Message

Dear readers,

First of all, I wish you a happy, healthy, and successful 2022 on behalf of our entire editorial team.

Based on the feedback we have received from our readers and partners, 2021 was a good year. We were also very busy with many projects, the outcomes of which I hope proved useful to you, whether it was something from the magazine editions, the book, or Transformers Academy courses and study programs, TM’s Industry Navigator report or conference.

The transformer market outlook for 2022 is very promising, provided that major problems in the supply chain are resolved. Our plans for 2022 can be summarized into a sentence: continued improvement and growth of all editions, media and products. We have already announced the magazine’s editorial calendar for 2022, focusing on the most current topics. Study programs and courses available in Transformers Academy offer learning and training for virtually any job in our industry. TM’s Industry Navigator report and conference provide critical information to managers for making important decisions. Our books hold treasures from the lifetime experience of the world’s leading experts, but they also provide an opportunity to gain an extraordinary visibility in the industry.

We are starting this year with the edition focused on sustainability. In this regard, I recommend reading the interview with Giuseppe Petrelli, the Global Head of Marketing and Sales for Transformers business at Hitachi Energy, article ‘Sustainable digital distribution transformers’ by Dr. Bhaba Das, ‘Circularity of medium-power transformers’ by Bruno De Wachter and Tomas Jezdinsky, as well as article ‘EconiQTM: Transformers with a purpose’.

One of the drivers behind spin-offs of the industry giants Siemens Energy and Hitachi Energy, which have recently taken place, was to achieve a leaner organisation and release the potential for growth in a more entrepreneurial manner. We have been reporting on these spin-offs, and now we are bringing a story about building a company from the ground up, organically and through acquisitions. You can read this story in the interview with Thibaut George, the CEO of the Axciss Group. They have bought Israeli Von Roll Transformers (VRT), and they are looking for other acquisition opportunities as well.

This edition abounds with other valuable content on topics such as: an increasing demand for new transformers, evolution of the transformer core production, field testing methods by Vitaly Gurin, gas extraction by Marius Grisaru, books on power transformers by P. Ramachandran and Vitaly Gurin, detection of internal electric arc by Peter Werle et al., surface-mounted radiators by Viktor Ivankov et al., and an article on the importance of sustainability, authored by Anto Banovic and me.

I hope that in this abundance of topics you will find plenty of useful information and enjoy your reading.

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Interview with Giuseppe Petrelli

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The evolution of transformer core production

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Interview with Thibaut George

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Gas extractions from insulating liquids – Part I

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EconiQTM: Transformers with a purpose

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Ester-filled distribution transformers

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Middle East Energy 2022

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