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    Transformers Magazine Vol. 9 Issue 1

    BY MLADEN Banovic, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

    Interview with Giuseppe Petrelli

    Humanity is facing global challenges which require global solutions; climate change and despoiling of ecosystems are key examples connected to our industry. As technology and...

    Interview with Thibaut George

    The CEO and founder of the Axciss Group The Axciss Group is a holding that supports operational companies such as the Drekan Group. Previously, I...

    Gas extractions from insulating liquids – Part I

    Introduction Dissolve gas analysis has been one of the most important tests accompanying the transformer industry almost since the transformer has been invented. Transformers are...

    EconiQTM: Transformers with a purpose

    Co-creating for a sustainable energy future   Quality of life and a sustainable energy future for all Scientists believe that impacts on the Earth’s ecosystems...

    Ester-filled distribution transformers

    The sustainable model to strengthen the low voltage grid   The distribution transformer is a key piece of electrical equipment installed in our electrical network...

    How important is sustainability?

    What is sustainability? Sustainability has been the subject of very dynamic discussions in the scientific and technological communities during the last couple of years. However,...

    Middle East Energy 2022

    Middle East Energy 2022, formerly known as Middle East Electricity, is set to open its doors once again for its 47th edition. If there is...

    Power in Innovation

    Entergy and IEEE to host the 2022 PES T&D Conference and Exhibition   The pace of innovation and new policy developments were already driving rapid...

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