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    Transformers Magazine Vol. 9 Issue 2

    BY MLADEN Banovic, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

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    Editorial Message

    Dear Readers,

    In this edition, we wanted to bring together insights and best ideas related to different parts of the value chain. With collected materials on components, accessories, test methods, machines, technology, and the regulation, I hope that we have made a solid collection of ideas and solutions.

    So, isn’t this a truly disruptive idea: blending dry and liquid cooling transformer technologies? This is a must-read article.

    In a series of articles on transformer components, MR’s article introduces a new vacuum-type on-load tap-changer, which sets new standards for the challenging applications. In the interview with Jay Shekelton, he mentions bushings in the nacelle of some of the largest and most advanced wind turbines, and many other details about transformer components. In their article, M. Banovic and A. Banovic bring unbiased and credible research-based insights into future expectations for transformer materials and components. In this edition, you will also find information on bushings with integrated instrument transformers from RHM International, as well as information on protective vents from GORE that provide robustness for control and monitoring devices.

    In his series of articles on measurement and test methods, V. Gurin elaborates IEEE practices of detecting defects in the windings and in the core. M. Grisaru discusses gas extraction from oils and the large variation in extraction methods. S. Hoek writes about UHF partial discharge testing, which ensures robustness against noise in the surrounding environment. S. Magdaleno-Adame presents the process of detection of high temperature in LV turrets of a single-phase GSU transformer.

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    Jay Shekelton

    Interview with Jay Shekelton

    James (Jay) Shekelton III is an owner, CEO, and President of The H-J Family of Companies, a global leader in the manufacturing of switchgear, electrical, and transformer components.

    Sruti Chakraborty

    WiPE interview with Sruti Chakraborty

    Sruti Chakraborty is a research engineer and budding entrepreneur with a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Malaviya National Institute of Technology-Jaipur, India.

    Rene Mrajca

    Interview with René Mrajca

    René Mrajca is CEO of Elpro-Energo Transformers s.r.o. In the interview he describes their cooperation with GEORG. Introducing Elpro-Energo Transformers he said: It was a...

    Outlook for materials and components_MBanovic

    Outlook for transformer materials and components

    The most important thing for the manufacturers of materials and components is to know what the transformer manufacturers and users (utilities) expect of their products in the future.


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