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    Transformers Magazine Vol. 9 Issue 3

    BY MLADEN Banovic, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

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    Editorial Message

    Dear readers,

    In this year’s fourth edition, we have covered an abundance of topics, from the visionary ones like the transition of power grids (interviews with Michel Augonnet from CIGRÉ and Michael Cunningham from Camlin Group), sustainability (Bhaba P. Das and Rob Milledge from Hitachi Energy, Angelo Baggini from the University of Bergamo et al.), new solutions (Lars Jonsson and Teresa Gargano from Hitachi Energy, CAREPOLE article from Siemens Energy), manufacturing (Oğuz Sönmez), to the featured topics of this volume – asset management, digitalization, as well as related issues (Diego Robalino from Megger, Jürgen Ach, Oktay Akkas, Herbert Schubert and Sebastian Hilmer from Reinhausen, Jan Prins and Gábor Farkas from GANZ Transformers, Martin Pfanner from OMICRON, Marius GrisaruJohn Skog and Dmitriy Klempner, MeDICA article from COMEM, Roberto Borges from Doble et al.) I believe everyone will be able to find a topic of their interest.

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    Sustainable peak load transformers

    Electricity distribution networks and their peak load capacities will have to be reinforced substantially to facilitate the uptake of heat pumps.

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