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Editorial review:

“Dr. Levi’s book is definitely a unique and outstanding compilation of field experience over many years, many designs, worldwide exchanges, and of countless onsite tests to improve practical diagnosis on OLTCs. I am sure that anyone interested in the most recent practical OLTC diagnosis on the field will find Dr. Levi’s book a unique source of practical cases, with priceless relevant explanations. Those are otherwise quite hard to find, or understand, when trying to deepen your knowledge on those exciting OLTC technologies. I hope Dr. Levi’s book will continue to prompt interested engineers to first deepen and then share and/or publish their knowledge of OLTC science, which is technically fascinating!”

Transformer Engineer at EDF
Executive Editor of Transformers Magazine


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Publisher: Merit Media Int., Croatia
Publication date: 4 March 2021
Language: English
File size: 6 MB
Pages: 160
Format: PDF
ISBN: 978‐953‐49295‐0‐6 (print); 978‐953‐49295‐1‐3 (digital)

Price: Digital book: USD 40.00 / Printed book: USD 80.00


From the author:

Throughout my professional career, I have focused on diagnostics of electrical apparatus and equipment. Now that I am retired, I have set out to preserve the knowledge and experience collected over the last 13 years and make it available to young engineers. At this point, dynamic testing is the best tool for tap changer diagnostics, and my intention was to empower electrical engineers with data and examples to be more productive in their everyday tasks. The objective of this guide is to provide instructions for assessing the operational condition of transformers’ On Load Tap Changers (OLTC) using several dynamic diagnostic techniques. It is my expectation that increasing the use of dynamic testing in a more standardized way, following the lines described in the guide, would contribute to creating more effective case studies, and help users improve result interpretation.

About the author:

RAKA LEVI is an electrical power engineer with over 30 years of technical experience in the field of asset management, condition assessment, power instrumentation, diagnostics and monitoring, tap-changer testing and consulting services.

He is the director of Levico, Inc., a consulting company in the USA.

During his career, he has operated from offices in Boston (USA), Belgrade (Serbia), Barcelona and Madrid (Spain) and provided customized services to clients on all continents as an expert and consultant to test equipment manufacturing companies.

Education: D.Sc. in the field of computerized condition assessment of HV circuit breakers from the University of Belgrade, and Master of Engineering in Electrical Power from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York.

Affiliations: IEEE Senior Member (USA), Vice-Chair of the IEEE working group for revision of IEEE standard C57-152

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